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Illawarra Speleological Society Inc Library Book List
The ISS Library contains a variety of books, Club Journals and Conference precedings and proceedings.
To borrow a book, please contact the ISS Librarian via the contact page

Book Author/Editor Date Title
Atkinson A. & V. 1995 Undara Volcano and its Lava Tubes
Bates, G 1982 The Abercrombie Caves of NSW
Beattie, C. 2010 Our Life at Nullarbor
Bradley, C. et al (Eds) 2006 Down Under all over: 50 Years of Australian Speleology
Bunton, S. & Eberhard, R. 1984 Vertical Caves of Tasmania
Casteret, N. 1968 10 years under the Earth
Cooper, I. Scott, M. Vaughan-Taylor, K. 1998 Tuglow Caves
Davey, A.G. & White, S (eds) 1986 Vicotrian Caves and Karst - Strategies for Management and Catalogue
Dunkley, J.R. & JCHAPS 2007 Jenolan Caves Guides, Guests and Grottoes
Dunkley, J.R. & Wigley, T. M. (eds) 1978 Caves of the Nullarbor
Ellis, R. Et al (eds) 1991 Bungonia Caves
Gillieson, D. S.(Ed) 1976 Australian Speleology 1972
Halbert, E. & Bonwick, J. (eds) 1994 History of SSS 1954-1994
Hamilton-Smith, E. (Ed) 1976 Cave Management in Australia I
Henderson, K 1985 The Buchan Experience
Henderson, K 1985 The Wombeyan Experience
Hill, A.L. (Ed) 1966 Mullamullang Cave Expeditions
James, J.M. (Ed) 1974 PNG Speleological Expedition NSRE 1973
Jennings, J.N 1971 Karst -
Jennings, J.N 1985 Wee Japser Caves 1st Edn
Jennings, J.N 1987 Wee Japser Caves Revised Edn
Keck, K 1985 An Introduction to Abercrombie Caves
Keck, K and Cubitt, B 1991 Abercrombie Caves CAVE CHRONICLES
Kiernan, K. 1988 The Management of soluable Rock Landscapaes
Mathews, P.G. 1979 Check-List of Asutralian Caves and Karst
Middleton, G. J. 1977 Cave Management in Australia II
Moruya & Hisotrical Society Inc 1988 Then and Now
Mount Etna Committee 1998 Mount Etna Action book - Time is running out
Pavey, A. (Compiler) 1972 an Index to Cave Maps in NSW
Robinson, A.C. (Ed) 1979 Cave Management in Australia III
Robinson, T. (ed) 1982 Chillagoe Karst
Rutledge, J. (et al Eds) 2008 Timor Caves Hunter Valley NSW
Shaw, T. R. 1992 History of Cave Science - The exploration and Study of Limestone caves to 1900 Ed 2
Sprent, J.K. (Ed) 1970 Mount Etna Caves
Tiechert, C. & Talent, A. (eds) 1958 Geology of the Buchan Area, East Gippsland
Uni New England Mountaineering Club 1981 A Guide to NorthEastern NSW
Watson. J.R. (Ed) 1982 Cave Management in Australia IV
Pavey, A. (Ed) 1973 Australian Speleology 1971

'Exploring and conserving caves in Australia'
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