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Membership Fees
$90.00 per single member and $150 for a family membership in 2023/24. This includes ASF membership fee and  the ASF's  magazine – "Caves Australia" as PDF version and ISS benefits. Student and retired member  fees are available to approved members. There are Introductory  memberships for single ($30) and family ($45) available for a 12 month  period.

Then post or email (see Contact Us page) your form to the Secretary or give to the Trip Leader at the commencement of the activity with the appropriate fee.
All natural persons shall be eligible to apply for membership.
Persons under eighteen years must have their parent/s or Care Giver's consent in writing before applying for membership
A person may not become a Full Member or a Junior member unless and until that person has:
* applied to the Secretary in writing on the application form  provided for the purpose by the Society;
* paid to the Secretary the applicable subscription fee;
* agreed in writing to abide by the Constitution and  By-Laws of the Society and to absolve the Society from any liability  whatsoever arising from or out of membership in the Society;
* been approved as a member by the Committee.
All members should complete an Annual medical form for use by  the Trip Leader or Party Leader. The Medical Form will accompany the trip leader on Trips and should be updated by the member if  changes to the member's health occur. The information on the form  will remain confidential.
A 12 month Temporary membership exists for persons who wish to  try the activity before fully committing themselves to becoming a  full member.
*The final acceptance for membership shall rest with the committee
'Exploring and conserving caves in Australia'
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