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Wyanbene Cleaning

Canberra SS, Illawarra SS and the Narooma office of Deua NPWS have  completed a cave cleaning/restoration project in Wyanbene Cave. After  many years of public, speleological and other group use, the cave has  seen a great deal of mud build up on formations, some of which has been  inadvertently passed from one section of the cave to another.

The results have been more than satisfactory. CSS and ISS were the  main proponents for the restoration work but we encourage other clubs  that visit the area, to undertake a bit of cleaning on their journey  through the cave and to minimise further mud contamination where ever  possible. We have placed a few small black mats on the mud section to  assist entry and exit over the mud section near the ladder climb and  have placed flagging tape around some formations that have been cleaned  of mud in that chamber.
There is also a path marked with flagging tape or old electric fence wire in the Old Tourist  Chamber for the moment to see how it goes until other track marking can  be obtained.
We would ask that the Cleopatra's Bath area be a boot removal  area and/or dirty trog suit removed to reduce further impact on this  area. There is now a walk area delinated in the Helictite Chamber to  minimise possible future muddying of cleaned flowstone and helictites.

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